Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards 2024: Promoting Equity in Climate Action

Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards

Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards 2024 portal are now open, The Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards play a crucial role in promoting equity and justice in climate action. By recognizing and supporting innovative gender-responsive climate initiatives, the awards highlight the essential contributions of women and marginalized communities in addressing climate change.

The success stories and positive outcomes generated by the awards demonstrate the transformative potential of gender justice in climate solutions. As the awards continue to grow and evolve, they hold the promise of inspiring a more inclusive and effective approach to climate action, creating a sustainable and equitable future for all.

Application Deadline:  Sunday, July 21st of 2024, 23:59 CEST

Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards 2024

The Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards, established by the Women and Gender Constituency (WGC) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), highlight the essential role that gender justice plays in effective climate action.

These awards recognize and promote initiatives that address climate change while simultaneously advancing gender equality. By honoring such projects, the awards aim to inspire others to integrate gender justice into their climate solutions, thereby creating more inclusive and effective responses to the climate crisis.

Background and Objectives

The Women and Gender Constituency, formed in 2009, seeks to ensure that gender perspectives are integrated into climate policies and actions at all levels. The Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards were launched to showcase innovative and transformative gender-responsive climate initiatives from around the world. The primary objectives of the awards are:

  • Highlight Successful Gender-Responsive Climate Solutions: Recognize projects that effectively address both gender equality and climate change.
  • Promote Replication and Scaling Up: Encourage the dissemination and scaling of successful gender-responsive climate solutions.
  • Advocate for Gender-Inclusive Climate Policies: Influence policymakers to adopt gender-inclusive approaches in climate strategies.
  • Empower Women and Marginalized Communities: Support initiatives that empower women and marginalized groups in climate action.

The Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards are granted every year to grassroots, community groups and non-governmental organizations tackling the climate emergency while advancing gender equality. These solutions are leading community solutions and system-changing climate action that bring multiple social and environmental improvements. They contribute to raising the ambition to achieve the 1.5-degree target by 2030. 

Three winners are selected by a diverse group of jury members from the WGC following an open and transparent process and are announced during an official, high-level ceremony at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP). 

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Categories of Awards

  • Technical Climate Solutions: Projects that focus on innovative technologies or methodologies to combat climate change while promoting gender equality. These solutions often involve renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, or water management technologies that are accessible and beneficial to women.
  • Non-Technical Climate Solutions: Initiatives that address climate change through capacity-building, education, advocacy, or community mobilization. These projects emphasize the empowerment of women and marginalized communities to lead and participate in climate action.
  • Transformational Climate Solutions: Projects that bring about systemic change by addressing the root causes of gender inequality and climate vulnerability. These solutions often involve policy advocacy, institutional reform, or socio-economic interventions that create more resilient and equitable communities.


  • Each winner receives a €5000 monetary award, a chance to attend COP29, which will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, fully covered travel, and enter WECF’s long-term mentoring programme which supports them in strengthening and upscaling their leading solutions.
  • Up to 20 nominees’ projects are presented in the Awards publication, on our online platforms, and at the Awards Ceremony during the COP. 
  • Through these Awards, leading solutions for a more just, equal and healthy planet are showcased.  

Key Components of the Awards

Recognition and Visibility

The Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards provide winners with significant recognition and visibility on a global platform. Winning projects are showcased at the annual UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP), where they receive widespread attention from policymakers, climate activists, and the media.

This visibility helps to raise awareness about the importance of gender-responsive climate action and highlights the innovative work being done by grassroots organizations and communities.

Capacity Building and Networking

Award winners receive opportunities for capacity building and networking through the WGC and its partner organizations. This includes participation in workshops, training sessions, and conferences that enhance their skills and knowledge in areas such as project management, advocacy, and fundraising.

Winners also become part of a global network of gender and climate advocates, facilitating the exchange of ideas and collaboration on future projects.

Financial Support

In addition to recognition and capacity building, the awards provide financial support to winning projects. This funding helps to sustain and expand their initiatives, allowing them to reach more communities and have a greater impact.

The financial support also enables winners to invest in necessary resources, such as equipment, training, and infrastructure, that enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of their projects.


  • Grassroots, community groups and non-governmental organizations tackling the climate emergency while advancing gender equality.
  • They highly encourage grassroots, women-led and LGBTQI+ organizations from the Global South and Global East to apply.

How to Gender Just Climate Solutions Awards 2024

Please note that you must complete the form to participateSubmit your application through the following link: 

 If you have any questions about this or any other aspect of the application process, please send an email to

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