How to Apply UNFPA Scholarship for Cameroonian Women Graduates to study in Italy

How to Apply UNFPA Scholarship for Cameroonian Women

The UNFPA Scholarship for Cameroonian Women Graduates are now open, The UNFPA Scholarship for Cameroonian women represents a powerful tool for promoting gender equality, empowering women, and fostering national development. By providing financial support for education, it addresses critical barriers that prevent many women from realizing their full potential.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has long been an advocate for gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls worldwide. One of its key initiatives is the provision of scholarships aimed at advancing the education and professional development of women in developing countries.

UNFPA Scholarship for Cameroonian Women Graduates

UNFPA Scholarship for Cameroonian Women Graduates to study First Level Master Program in Coffee Economics and Science-Ernesto Illy in Italy.

With the vision of scaling up investment in the development of the full potential of the young people in Cameroon, their innovation capital and addressing the gender gap, the United Nations Population Fund in Cameroon, in partnership with the Ernesto Illy Foundation in Italy, is launching a call for applications to select one female candidate to benefit from a scholarship to participate in the 14th edition of the  International First Level Master Program in Coffee Economics and Science Ernesto Illy, a collaboration between the University of Udine and the University of Trieste, of a value of 60 CFU, for the academic year 2024-2025,

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The scholarship includes:

  • 100% of the university tuition fee (equivalent to 15.000 Euro) of the International Master of 1st level in Coffee Economics and Science “Ernesto Illy”
  • All the teaching materials (texts books, handouts and lecture notes) needed to attend the residential period of the Master program in Trieste, Italy (4/5 weeks);
  • All meals provided during the days of class of the Master program in Italy;
  • Accommodations for the residential period in Italy;
  • The round-trip ticket from the country of origin to Trieste, Italy;
  • A subscription for the public transport network of Trieste, Italy (bus) for the residential period;
  • The transfer service from and to Venice or Trieste Airport.


To be eligible for this scholarship, candidates must meet the following conditions:

  • Being a woman
  • Being of Cameroonian nationality or a Refugee living in Cameroon for the last 3 years
  • Being younger than 24 years old;
  • Hold at least a bachelor’s degree in economics, engineering, science, agriculture, or any other similar/related discipline;
  • Not have previously received this scholarship;
  • Being enrolled in a Cameroonian university in a course closely related to the programme.

Objectives of the UNFPA Scholarship for Cameroonian Women

The UNFPA Scholarship for Cameroonian women is designed to address several critical objectives:

  • Promoting Gender Equality: By providing financial support for higher education, the scholarship aims to bridge the gender gap in education and professional fields.
  • Empowering Women: Education is a powerful tool for empowerment. This scholarship enables women to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to their communities and the nation’s development.
  • Enhancing Reproductive Health Knowledge: One of UNFPA’s core missions is to improve reproductive health. Scholarships often support studies in fields related to health sciences, public health, and medicine, ensuring that recipients can contribute to this vital area.
  • Economic Development: Educated women are more likely to participate in the workforce, leading to greater economic development. This scholarship helps to create a more skilled and diverse workforce in Cameroon.

Impact of the Scholarship

The impact of the UNFPA Scholarship for Cameroonian women can be observed on multiple levels:

  • Individual Level: Recipients of the scholarship gain access to higher education, which can significantly alter their life trajectories. They acquire new skills, increase their employment prospects, and enhance their ability to contribute to their families and communities.
  • Community Level: Educated women are more likely to engage in community service and leadership roles. They can become role models, inspire other girls to pursue education, and drive local development initiatives.
  • National Level: At a broader level, the scholarship contributes to national development goals. An increase in the number of educated women in the workforce boosts economic productivity and fosters social progress.
  • Health Sector: Given the focus on health-related fields, the scholarship directly impacts the health sector in Cameroon. Graduates often work in underserved areas, improving healthcare delivery and addressing critical health challenges.

How to Apply UNFPA Scholarship

The application must include the following documents:

  • A copy of the student’s valid passport et/ou and identity card (the passport will be necessary once the master starts) 
  • A Cover and Motivation Letter
  • an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae in the European format (available here)
  • A copy of the student card or receipts and registration form for the current year
  • A letter of recommendation from a teacher in the course of study (University , head of department, etc);
  • A summary (1 page) of an initial idea of the final Project Work


The scholarship does not include eventual passport and Visa fees, any administrative costs not mentioned, nor a laptop and internet access to attend online lessons as well as pocket-money for staying in Italy.

UNFPA country office in Cameroon will also contribute in supporting the student in liaising with the Embassy of Italy in Yaoundé to obtain the visa for the period in Italy as well as for the validation of the student’s university degree.

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